As a response to his experiences working at domestic violence shelters and with homeless veterans, in 2009 Nathan Kamp began using the photographic medium to explore the impact of trauma and abuse.  Examining the exploitation of female bodies that he encountered in his day to day work, Nathan employed the cold, distant, and workmanlike visual language of mass consumer culture to speak on the cyclical nature of violence and degradation. Broadening his scope, in 2015 he began to use the lens of literary and philosophical horror to explore these same themes in a fictional and exaggerated setting, exploring a world where metaphor is given physical form.

Nathan’s work has been featured globally at Animamus Art Salon, Coohaus Gallery, Apiary Studios, Bushwick Open Studios among many others.




Inspired by my work in domestic violence and homeless prevention for 8 years, I aim to expose the innate brutality and egoism of humanity and how it informs our collective and individual perception of belonging, both in society and in the natural world. We all assume our own individuality and autonomy, although we live in a society and world that continually denies us both. My work supposes a world where this paradox is at the root of human suffering. By employing both the sharp and detail oriented aesthetic of journalistic photography, I document a hostile world that exists beyond our self centered perception of it. My photographs are snapshots into a reality where this tragic juxtaposition is given corporeal form.


All images © 2009-2018 Nathan Kamp.